T.B.C Shorties

The Beginnings 

A college pool party is in full swing. There are crowds of people drinking, yelling, and having a good time all around the pool, but no one is actually in the pool. Someone yells “burning up!” at the beer pong table as his partner nails his shot; another party goer screams as someone tries to toss her into the pool. Off to the left side of the action is a table with a small group of people sitting around it; two of them look very invested in what they are doing.

Toren, a bull with glasses and short dreads, wearing board shorts and a tank top, sits at the table watching her friend fumble with a blunt. She has wired headphones in her ears, bopping to something. Pender, a panda with longer dreads and glasses, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, is struggling to roll a blunt, even starting over a couple of times. Toren watches him struggle, annoyed, but not saying anything. Pender avoids Toren’s eyes but he can feel her gazing at him. The group sitting with them has left, leaving Pender no one to turn too.

Just then, up walks Kane and Flame, a hip looking kangaroo and his fashionable flamingo girlfriend. Having never met before, Kane offers his assistance. Pender and Toren accept and Kane sits in Pender’s place. Kane tediously packs and rolls the blunt, holding it up for them all to admire. Toren takes a huge first hit and passes the blunt to Pender while acknowledging Kane’s handy work with a dap. The freshly rolled blunt is passed to Pender, taking a hit and exhaling a cloud of smoke over the group.

5 years later.

A freshly rolled blunt is being passed from Kane to Toren in a shabby-chic apartment, with the Space Needle seen out of the window behind them. Torin’s dreads have grown longer and she has wireless headphones on, bopping to something as she takes a hit of the blunt. On the table in front of Kane and Pender are posters and papers that have the beginnings of a logo reading “The Bakersmen Collective.” Flame is setting up a round table and mics in the corner of the apartment for what will be their podcast. The work and journey are just beginning.

Written by: V. Nicks

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