T.B.C Shorties


Flame is standing over a table, scrutinizing the TBC materials spread out over it. A loud crash comes from behind her. Startled, she bumps into the table, josseling the materials. “What was that?” she asks. “My bad,” yells Pender, “This damn sign is heavy!” Flame turns around and sees Pender calculating the best way to carry this sharp circled sign alone.

“This is amazing,” Flame says.

“Right?! I mean, it’s small but it’s heavy,” Pender replies.

Flame chuckles, “nah, I meant this sight of your struggle is amazing.”

Pender stops what he’s doing and glares at her, “hilarious,” he says sarcastically.

She laughs as she walks over and helps him lift the sign, resting it against the back wall. Exhaling, they both step back and look at it, admiringly.

“Dang, look at that!” Kane says as he and Toren walk into the room.

“It came out exactly as planned,” Toren says with glee.

They all stand there in silence for a moment looking at the culmination of their dreams and hard work coming to fruition in front of them. Toren moves in front of the sign, facing the group, and takes a deep breath.

“This moment right here is what we have been building to. 5 years ago we moved to Seattle with an idea and here we are, 2 years after officially starting our own Grow, fully realized. Having our first booth at the National Cannabis Convention is no small feat.” She looks at all of them, one at a time.

“Let’s fuck shit up like we always do, shall we?” Toren finishes.

They all laugh and applaud her mini speech.

“Let’s get this booth set up!” Flame says enthusiastically, and they all break off.

The fair grounds are a buzz with cannabis connoisseurs of all different types; hipsters, influencers, and podcasters alike. Crowds of people move around booth to booth, gaining insight and free merchandise. Music floats through the air, wrapping the patrons in warm, smooth melodies, propelling them forward through their day. Flame is in front of the TBC booth leaning over the table, organizing the shirts and hoodies. Kane comes up next to her, “what is that, like restock number 3?” She shoots him a confident smirk, “Nope. This is restock number 4.” Kane jumps back and dusts off Flame’s shoulders “Ooo, hoo, hoo look at us,” Kane responds while doing a little jig. “It is a great concept,” he says as he picks up a black hoodie and shakes it open, reading “TBC: Weed the People,” outloud.

“Why, thank you,” Flame says, “please fold that back.” Kane lovingly puts the hoodie back in its place.

On the other side of the table, Pender is engrossed in conversation with Takoda and Charlie, who appear to be interviewing him, and Toren is talking it up with an elephant with gages and a sleeve tattoo and a street style savvy giraffe. A group of TikTokers approach the table and pull Kane and Flame into a video post. Flame uses the opportunity to sell four more hoodies and two beanies to the wannabe influencers. When the group parts from the table, Toren brings over the two individuals she was talking to. “Hey ya’ll, I want to introduce you to Elgen and Grafton, they are council members back in Seattle,” Toren introduces everyone to each other.

“It’s nice to meet all of you. We have been following you since we saw that article on you in Hash to the Future a few years back. You all have come a long way in that time,” Elgen compliments. Grafton chimes in, “as members of our community, we wanted to bring you all with us as our guests to the National Cannabis Policy Summit tomorrow. We want to build a presence and we feel that your brand has that certain something that we would love to associate with.” The group nods along in assured understanding.

“Yeah, most definitely,” Pender chimes in, “We all collectively voted for you for city counsel way back when, and we are big fans of what you are doing for the community at large, cannabis related and otherwise.” They all chime in, agreeing with Pender. “You can definitely count us in,” Kane says. They all shake hands and exchange contact information before parting ways.

The next day, the group meets Elgen and Grafton at the entrance of the Summit. Kane has his camera around his neck, Pender has a notepad, Toren is holding a pamphlet of what the day will hold, and Flame is ready to record important moments. Elgen and Grafton lead them into the convention center and into the world of policy and change.

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