T.B.C Shorties


Anderson Pak is playing over a bluetooth speaker as Toren and Flame are hustling around in a
small venue decorated with The Bakersmen Collective paraphernalia; moving boxes from the
front of the venue to the back. Pender is setting up a table with products of their new
merchandise, from t-shirts to stickers. Kane is going through a checklist to make sure everything
is going as planned, “Ok, we’re on track y’all, just one more hour till we kick off this event. Are
you all good?” Everyone nods and answers in response; the vibe and energy in the room are
electric. As Toren and Flame move the last of the boxes to the back of the room, Pender gathers
everyone around for a quick huddle. “Let’s all take a moment to breathe and soak this in.” He
looks around at his group of friends, excited for what they have put together for tonight. “We
have a goal and a dream in mind, and this event is the first step in reaching that. We got this, it’s
going to be dope, and we are going to make an impact on the community.” Pender takes a deep
breath and turns to Toren, “I know this event was your brian child, so do you want to say a few
words?” Toren nods her head and smiles, “I just want to say thank you all for supporting this
idea and helping bring it to life. I really wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else. Let’s stay
focused, have a good time, and just see what happens from this. We got this.” They all go in for
a group hug. “Now, let’s hit this right quick.” Toren pulls out a joint from her shorts pocket and
lights it up, “To our first Kush and Karma event, but certainly not our last.” She takes a big hit
and passes it around to the others.

Toren exhales a cloud of smoke across the room as she walks past a small crowd standing
around the Tarot Card Reading table. She stops for a moment to check it out. Across the way a
hipster rabbit is selling handmade incense to Pender. On the stage at the front of the room, a
microphone and amp are being set up by Kane. Smoke fills the air as different kinds of cannabis
are being tried out by the patrons; mello hip hop is heard all around the space, setting the vibe.
An artist is showcasing her paintings in one area, while in another a small group is sitting on
bean bag chairs, conversing and smoking. Kane, having just set up the mic, speaks into it in a
smooth Georgia southern accent, “Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing?” The crowd cheers and
claps. “Awesome, awesome. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all so, so much for
coming out tonight. We really appreciate the support from our community. To all of you who are
participating and to all of you who came out for a good time, we appreciate you. ” The crowd
claps and cheers, again. Kane continues, “On that note, I would like to introduce our first
performer for tonight! Here to perform her deeply moving spoken word, please put your hands
together for Simone.” Everyone claps as Simone, a slender gazelle with bantu knots, takes the
Now in the back of the venue, Toren is mingling with someone as the spoken word performance
can be heard in the background. “You guys really throw dope events,” says an average height
turtle with Indigenous American tribal tattoos on both of his arms and long black hair. “Thanks,
man,” Toren responds. “I’m Takoda,” he shakes Toren’s hand, “Toren, nice to meet you.” Takoda
nods his head as he takes a hit of the pen in his hand, “I’ve been following you all on socials for
a little while, I dig it.” Takoda offers the pen to Toren but she raises up the half a joint she has in
her hand and thanks him anyway. Kane and Flame walk up to Toren and Takoda, as Kane
records everything with his phone along the way. The spoken word has ended and Pender has
introduced a musical guest to the stage. A smooth, mellow RnB beat begins. Kane turns his
attention from his recording to Takoda and Toren, “What’s up man, I’m Kane.” He reaches out
and daps Takoda up, “Takoda, nice to meet you. I was just telling Toren that this event is dope.”
Kane shakes his head in gratitude, “Thanks, bro, we appreciate that.” Takoda takes another hit
before saying, “I like the fusion your brand offers. It’s not one way or the other and you can’t
necessarily put a type to who would be a fan or follower. This feels like the point of inclusivity
other brands try to portray, but you all actually achieved it.” They all look at each other
somewhat impressed by his description. Takoda continues, “I for one think that work should be
celebrated.” He digs into his pocket and pulls out a slim, black wallet, “I work for a small online
magazine, this is my card.” He takes another toke of his pen as he hands Toren his business
card, “I want to do a feature on your brand, if you’re open to it?” Toren takes the card from him
and looks at it for a moment, “you can look us up and let me know if we fit your vibe,” Takoda
tells them. The group all exchange looks of interest before Toren answers, “thanks, yeah, we’ll
check it out and give you a call. Thanks a lot, man,” she shakes his hand, they all thank him,
and he heads off back into the event. Just then, Pender comes strolling up to the group and, in a
sing-songy voice, says, “this event is fire!” The group chuckles at him, “dude, you have no idea.”
Toren passes Pender the business card, “they want to do a feature on us.” Pender looks at it for
a moment, “that’s awesome!” he says, and again in a sing-songy voice says, “this event is fire!”
They laugh at him and move toward the stage to enjoy the rest of their event.

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