T.B.C Shorties


The wind whips past Kane as he sits passenger in the car, Pender is behind the wheel. Kane is taking photos out of the open window of the snow capped mountains in the distance. A sign reads “Welcome to North Bend! Population: 8,000.” Kane snaps one last photo and rolls up his window, turning up the radio a bit. They both sit in comfortable silence with each other, not making conversation, just vibing to the music that is circulating around the car. 

Another 20 minutes goes by and they finally arrive at their destination. Pender pulls onto a dirt road and follows it back for about a mile when a large, glass building comes into view. Kane leans forward to get a better look out at the property. “Damn, that’s what I call a greenhouse,” He says. “I’ll say,” Pender responds, “the others are gonna be bummed they missed out on this.” Pender pulls into a makeshift parking spot and they both exit the car. Closer to Kane is the entrance to the greenhouse, and closer to Pender is a decently sized home, with a garden peeking around the back corner. The back door to the house opens and out walks a colorfully dressed fox and platypus. They both walk up to Pender and Kane and introduce themselves. “Hi, I’m Fazian,” the hipster fox says, “and I’m Penelope. You must be Kane and Pender. We’ve heard a lot about you from Takoda.” says the bubbly platypus. They all shake hands and greet each other. “Sorry we’re a little late, traffic was worse than we anticipated,” Pender tells them. “Oh no worries at all, we’re just glad you all could make it out. Takoda tells us that you all have your own brand and vision for this industry,” Fazian offers. “Yeah, we are really trying to build our name and having our own grow is something we are aiming for in the near future,” Pender remarks. “Well, you came to the right place. Let’s take a walk around and we can tell you all about how our grow works,” Fazian gestures toward the greenhouse. “Is it cool if I take pictures as we go?” asks Kane, “I won’t capture anything sensitive, it would just be for our records.” Fazian and Penelope agree and they all head inside. 

Penelope leads the way as they move through different areas of the greenhouse, leaning in to point out specific areas like the hydro system, the watering schedule, how much light to shadow is a good combination for different strains, and how often you trim and cut various flowers. Pender is eating it all up; soaking in all of the information and asking questions in return. He and Penelope are in their own little world as they talk about everything from soil to artificial lights needed to perfect certain strains. 

Fazian is walking with Kane as he takes photos and answering all of the business questions that he has. “How do you all sustain your grow? Like, how many brands do you supply?” Fazian picks up a clipboard off the far wall and shows it to Kane, “We supply 5 different brands with our strains and we have them on a grow cycle that doesn’t cause overlap, so no one is short a strain when their delivery time comes around.” Kane is impressed and has so many more questions he wants to ask, but Pender and Penelope politely interrupt, “This guy knows his stuff when it comes to growing, I gotta say!” Penelope is smiling wide at all of them as she says this. “I was going to say the same thing about Kane and your knowledge of the business.” Kane and Pender blush slightly at the compliments. “My last question is, how did you all get started and at what point did you start seeing a profit?” Kane asks. Fazian and Penelope think for a moment before answering: “We’ll we started very small with a single plant in my room right after college,” Penelope offers, “I was just selling to friends and a small circle of people I trusted. It wasn’t until I met Fazian at a cannabis event 5 years ago that I really started seeing a true profit.” She looks to Fazian to pick up where she left off, “it turns out we made a really great team and I had an in with some local shops thanks to Takoda, so the three of us put in the work and now we have this grow you are standing in. It really does take a team and I can see that you all have the makings for success.” With that compliment, they all head back outside to the car. 

“Thank you so much for taking the time to show us around, this was better than we could have imagined,” says Pender. “It was our pleasure. And I meant it, with you two at the helm of a grow operation, you can see some true success,” says Fazian. Penelope has to agree. “We should all meet up with Takoda and Charlie, with the rest of your gang, and discuss what a collaboration could look like.” Pender and Kane are taken aback at this offer, but gladly accept. They get back in their car and head down the dirt road back toward the street.

At the end of the drive, Pender stops the car and looks at Kane, “Dude, I’ve never felt more like I am in the right place then I do right now. This made me realize what my role really is in our business. I want to handle the growth of our own strains.” Kane smiles and snaps a photo of Pender unexpectedly. “I just had to get this moment on camera because I truly don’t think I’ve seen your “excited” face in a while. It looks good on ya. And don’t worry, bro, we all knew this was your jam from the beginning, we just wanted you to figure it out for yourself.” Pender lightly smiles and nods his head at Kane in agreement. They pull out onto the road and head back toward the city. 

Written by: V. Nicks

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