T.B.C Character Corner


A camera lens is being held close to a unique flower, the whirring of the film can be heard as the shutter clicks repeatedly. An electro pop beat is emanating from Kane’s airpods as he steps back from the flower to admire it with his naked eye. “What do we think of these shirts?” Flame saunters up next to Kane and holds out two different, multi-colored shirts with cannabis leaves on them. One reading “Grow through what you smoke through” and the other with a 70’s peace sign in the middle of the leaf. “Which one do you like better?” she asks Kane, holding both shirts at arms length. “Mmmm, neither if I’m being honest.” Flame looks at both shirts again and sighs deeply as she puts them both back on the table, “yeah, you’re right.” Kane and Flame are walking around a flea market in downtown Seattle trying to gather inspiration for their TBC blog. “I feel like we’ve hit a rut, Kane,” Flame says as they walk past a table with incense and candles, “we need to do something different to get our name out there more, for people to really get to know us. We gotta shake it up!” Kane sees a picturesque woman standing a few feet in front of them, admiring a painting, and he grabs a quick snapshot of her as they continue walking. “You always say you want to shake it up,” he says to Flame, “and you do, so stress less, my friend. The inspiration will come when you least expect it. For now, just enjoy this market and look at things other people have created. Maybe it’ll help you…us.” Flame can’t help but smile at her laid back friend who doesn’t really feel the urgency in anything, yet always comes out on top. Continuing their walk, Flame looks over at a table that houses a local radio station, broadcasting from the flea market, with a sign that she notices reading: COME SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC AND GOOD VIBES, and suddenly she has an “ah ha moment”; a look of excitement on her face. She pulls Kane in the direction of the table.

Back at the apartment, Pender and Toren are playing a game on their Xbox. The apartment is lined with TBC posters and merchandise that they are planning to sell. A bong sits on the coffee table in front of them, freshly cleaned and waiting to be used. As Pender is about to overtake Toren in their game, Flame and Kane come bursting through the door. Pender, startled, bricks it and Toren ends up winning. “Yes! Ha in your face!” says Toren in excitement. “Whatever, that was total garbage, I had that!” Pender defends. Looking at his roommates, Pender asks, “Is there a reason you are coming up in here like the police, Flame?” Kane walks over to the couch and sits down next to Toren and Pender with a knowing look on his face, and begins to pack the bong. “I’m glad you asked!,” she says, “are you ready for this?” Toren sits back and makes herself comfortable, knowing full well what a Flame idea looks like. Flame begins, “we were at the flea market just now looking for inspiration for our next podcast/blog. Well, I was looking for inspiration, Kane was taking pictures.” Kane exhales a massive hit and says, “also for inspiration.” Flame presses on as if no one made a comment at all, “and we were getting near the end of the market when I saw it. Our next big thing!” They are all looking at her half interested, half waiting to see how long they can sit in silence before Flame explodes. “Alright! I’ll tell you!” Pender comments quietly to the group on the couch, “what was that time? 5 seconds?” The three of them laugh to themselves as Flame continues, pacing in front of them, “we have all this merch that we are trying to sell, plus we have a podcast we want more people to listen to, right? Right.

 So, at the end of the Flea Market was a table for the local radio station KNRX, who is hosting a concert for local bands next weekend, and I had the brilliant thought to sign us up for a table at the concert venue!” She is searching their faces for any sign of excitement, but they are all so good at feigning disinterest. “Well don’t everyone speak at once, damn.” Flame plops down in the armchair next to the couch looking defeated. The group on the couch exchanges looks and then all at once pile on top of Flame, congratulating her for the smart move on her part. “That is a dope idea, Flame!” Toren says to her as they all get up to let Flame breath. “The exposure that’ll get us is just what we need!” says Pender as he sits back down on the couch and packs a celebratory bowl. “I told you, Flame, inspiration comes when you least expect it,” Kane says settling back onto the couch as well. “Cheers to the next step,” Pender passes Flame the bong, “Fire moves from the force herself.” Flame smiles wide, “and the world will know our names” Flame takes a big toke from the bong and exhales the smoke into Kane’s camera as he stands up to capture a photo of the group in this moment. 


Written by: V. Nicks

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