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Blaze & Breathe 3

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It’s only the 4th day of Feb and we’re tired!

Remembering how the US has historically mistreated Black people while still dealing with the traumas of the present can make you feel like you’re constantly holding in your breath. 😵‍💫

So if you like Chance The Rapper’s music, and are searching for a safe space for cannabis consumers please join us for #BlazeNBreathe on 02/18/22 for a virtual sesh! 💻

Let this season remind us of our need for COMMUNITY and collectively take a deep breath. 🌬️

#FunctionalPotheads #LightUpNListen #TBC #DopeEvents #Breathwork #Wellness #AquariusSeason #WindyCity

The event is finished.


Feb 18 2022


Eastern Eastern Time (US and Canada)
4:20 pm



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