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Do You Know What You’re Smoking?

Introduction to Terpenes and Cannabinoids

On a frequent basis I encounter individuals interested in consuming cannabis that have very little to no idea that Terpenes and Cannabinoids will drive the price, and likely their purchase, in the retail setting. Those individuals come from a wide array of ages, backgrounds and experience level with, at minimum, the cannabis flower. I’ve found the most enjoyable interactions as a budtender to be with those that either want the knowledge we have to offer or have already been self experimenting and understand their desired effect.

According to Merriam Webster, terpenes is anything that’s an isomer of hydrocarbons (C5H8)n found commonly in essential oils, resins and balsams. However, if you’ve tuned into season 2 of  the “Functional Potheads” Podcast (hyperlink to podcast) then you’ve heard us chat specifically on what terpene means to the cannabis community. Essentially, the variety and amount of terpenes any strain of cannabis contains will control how that high affects the consumer. There is still a lot of research to be done in the scientific community and we hope to bring Terps Talk back with a deep dive into the research of newly discovered terpenes.

With that being said, depending on your marketplace, it’s not often that the products you are purchasing have the terpenes listed on the package. It’s likely you’ll have to depend on the help of a budtender to choose the right product. What will be listed is the amount of cannabinoids the product contains as it is legally required in most places. 

Which brings us to the most important question you should ask yourself before heading to your nearest florist: “What do I desire out of this experience and which concentration of cannabinoids do I need to achieve my goals?”  

Cannabinoid Compounds are naturally occurring chemical compounds unique to the cannabis plant and are the reason for the psychoactive high or therapeutic pain relief you feel after consuming cannabis.With a new segment called Cannabis Corner we hope to take a good look at these compounds to ensure our Functional Pothead listeners can have an informed conversation the next time they make a purchase. Be sure to tune in to season 3 to learn more!

Here at TBC we subscribe to the idea that the more you know about the plant and its by products,aka your purchase, the better you can achieve your goals. The desire to intentionally use cannabis to improve your life is the first step to becoming a Bakersmen. Here’s a great take on how terpenoids are being used in the cannabis industry.

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