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Toren sits at her desk researching cannabis culture in other parts of the world to gain insight into the audience they could be reaching outside of the audience they currently have. “Chain Smoker” by Chance the Rapper is humming out of her headphones as she clicks to another page. “What are you looking at?” Flame asks as she walks up behind her. Toren takes out her ear buds and turns around “I’m looking for ways to reach more people with our podcast. Like, find different topics we could cover week to week.” “Hmmm, are we really for the “we are women who don’t shave our legs or armpits” audience?” asks Flame. Toren is slightly affronted by this question and looks at Flame confused, “are we limiting ourselves to a particular type of audience?” she asks. “I mean, I think we should be particular,” Flame says, walking over to the chair at the other end of the room and sitting down. “You literally had us go to a small town rock concert last month to sell merch, and now you want to be particular?” says Toren, “what is that about?” Flame throws her legs over the arm of the chair and scoots down, getting comfortable, “That was different, we were trying to get our name out there more. And that was a good idea, you have to admit.” Toren scoffs, “exactly, it was a good idea, so why are you judging now?” “I’m not judging, it was really just a question,” Flame answers. Toren stands up, “Ok, well I think you need to listen to how you come off sometimes, cause that wasn’t “just a question.” Toren walks out of her room leaving Flame alone.

In the living room, Pender is rolling a joint and watching Bob’s Burgers. “Would you say we have a particular audience we are trying to reach with our podcast?” asks Toren as she enters the room. Pender licks the paper to close the joint before answering, “yeah, weed smokers,” he says. “Thank you!” Toren replies, “that’s my thought too. We are for anyone that has a small interest in weed all the way up to people who want to make it a career.” Pender admires his work, “sure. Why are you asking?” Just then, Flame comes around the corner, “because she thinks I’m offensive.” Flame stands near the couch with her arms crossed. “No,” says Toren, “I think you’re short sighted and insensitive.” Flame gasps, Pender’s eyes get large. “Well that’s rude,” says Flame. “I’m just stating facts,” says Toren. “No,” Flame responds, “you’re just being an ass.” “I’m an ass?” Toren raiser her voice, “you’re the one asking stupid questions!” The two of them go back and forth for a few minutes while Pender sits between them on the couch smoking the joint he just rolled and looking back and forth between them. After a few minutes he finally pauses Bob’s Burgers, stands up and silences the two of them. “Ya’ll need to reel it in, you are killing my buzz and not making any sense in the process. What are ya’ll mad at? I mean really?” He takes a toke and exhales, “you both are saying the same thing but not listening to each other. Toren, you think we should be universal with our audience. Flame, you think we should be selective. Well, you’re both right. We should be for the people who are for us. If someone connects to any of the shit that we put out, then that’s our audience. If they don’t connect, then they aren’t for us. Think of this as some FUBU shit. For us by us, and anyone who is not for us can keep it moving. We don’t need to weed anyone out (pun intended) they will weed themselves out. We don’t need to cater to a particular group or keep ourselves away from a particular group. And we sure as hell don’t need to argue about shaving body parts that aren’t ours,” he plops back down on the couch and takes another inhale, “shit, maybe that should be our next podcast.” Pender unpauses the show and turns his attention back to the TV. 

Flame and Toren are still standing there looking at him, stunned by his words. “That’s…that’s actually a good idea,” Flame says. “Yeah, I…I agree,” says Toren. Pender is no longer paying attention but can feel them both looking at him. He looks at them both as if he doesn’t know what just happened, “what?” he says. “Dude, that is a great idea!” says Toren. As Pender is processing what is happening, Kane walks into the apartment carrying grocery bags. The three of them look at him, Flame and Toren with wide eyed smiles, and Pender with slight confusion. “What?” Kane says. “Pender just gave us an idea for our next podcast,” answers Flame. “Oh cool,” says Kane, “what is it?” They all look at Pender, waiting. He looks around at all of them before answering, “I honestly can’t recall what I just said, so….” Flame rolls her eyes, Toren takes the remote out of his hand and pauses the TV again, and Kane huffs and walks to the kitchen with the bags. “You need a tolerance break, bro,” Toren says to Pender. “We’ll fill you in,” Flame says to Kane. 

Written by: V. Nicks

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