T.B.C Shorties


Inside the National Cannabis Policy convention, people move here and there around the open concept convention lobby. Through large white, amphitheater doors sits rows of blue plush chairs all leading to a stage at the front of the room. People file in and take their seats while light music plays; a murmur of voices floats through the air. Toren and the group file into a row near the middle, following behind Grafton and Elgen. As they take their seats, a woman comes on stage to give the opening remarks. As the woman speaks, Pender and Toren pour over the program, reading up on who all will be there. There is a light applause as the woman on stage introduces the first conversation of the night: Cannabis Policy Reform. The ears of our group perk up, and they give the next speakers their undivided attention, soaking it all in.


The networking lunch is about to begin as attendees file out of the auditorium and back into the lobby, which now has a lunch buffet set up. Pender and Flame are grabbing food from the buffet as Kane and Toren find a standing table to set themselves at. They switch places when Pender and Flame come back to the table. As Toren and Kane head to the buffet, Grafton approaches them with Tempest and introduces them, “This is half of the group that is The Bakersmen Collective, Kane and Toren. Kane and Toren, this is Tempest, the founder and CEO of Cannabis for Tomorrow.” They all shake hands, “It is so nice to meet you,” Kane offers. “It’s nice to meet you both too. Grafton was giving me a brief rundown of what you all are about and I am a fan.” Tempest says. “Thank you so much, that is a huge compliment,” Toren chimes, “can we bring you over to the rest of the collective team?” Tempest smiles at them, “of course. Lead the way.”

Toren, Flame, Kane, and Pender are deep in conversation with Tempest; picking her brain about policies and procedures on the local government level. She offers them resources to help them continue on their path of getting TBC into the realm of creating and implementing policies within their city. “Please, take my information and give my office a call. I’d love to set up some time to talk more about this,” Tempest kindly offers. They exchange information and part ways. The event is getting back in swing as people file back into the auditorium for the next panel to take the stage. Grafton and Elgen shake hands with the group and head back into the auditorium as well. “Today has been unreal,” Flame says as they stand there in wonder. “Get together ya’ll, I gotta take a picture,” Kane gestures to them to get close. They squeeze together as Kane sets up the camera on the table across from them, setting the timer. “Smile, ya’ll! Destiny awaits!” Kane says as he throws up the peace sign. The shutter clicks rapidly and the flash goes off, capturing them in time.

3 years later


A freshly rolled blunt is being passed from Kane to Toren in an artfully designed office; a small team of people bustle around outside the glass windows. Flame enters the spacious office and takes a seat on the couch across from Kane and Toren. Behind the couch is a wall of pictures containing moments of their journey that brought them to this point: The group in their first apartment, just getting started on their journey; the picture from their first National Policy

Written by V. Nicks

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